Ottima sessione sul Fiume PO

Great session on the PO River

Author Eugenio Morini
Before suspending for a few months the classic few-day sessions that I normally carried out, I had a few days available to do the last caught.
There are usually so many places to choose from that I spend weeks with my partners choosing half of them.
But not this time.
I didn't even think about it for a second, I wanted to dedicate the last time to my Great River, because I knew we could say goodbye with a smile.
And so it was, all excellent sized fish in amazing shape, with a final start when I was almost in tears, before closing the rods, left as always as the last thing to load into the car.
It seemed to me that I could almost talk to the water, in the moments when activity waned, sitting for hours trying to understand what to change, deciding the timing of the drops so that they didn't become counterproductive.
I hope they continue to call me crazy, perhaps because they are envious of those who can be happy with little, or perhaps because they have never felt certain emotions.
It doesn't matter if the goal is a fish or something much more important, if you give it your all the satisfaction will make your legs tremble.
Full speed ahead, always
Hi Po.
See you soon. Filippo Pagliarini

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