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Carptrack NHDC (Neo Hesperidin Dihydro Chalcone) is 1800 times more potent than sugar. Its taste is so exceptional that carp will recognize it
the authenticity of this product, one of the best attractants for them! To be inserted directly into your preparations or into soaks in combination for example with Carptrack Liquid Amino. Our NHDC has very often been imitated but never equalled. Compare it!
Dosage: In the mix or sprinkled externally: 3-7ml/kg

C arptrack NHDC
Neo Hesperidin dihydro Chalcone (NHDC) is 1800 times sweeter than sugar – equal volume comparison.

It sounds amazing because it's supposed to be bitter and spicy! This is exactly what you expect from extreme sweetening. But NHDC is a particular exception, because this product very effectively combats these negative aspects in food for both animals and people. It was discovered in 1960 and is semi-synthetic as it originates from orange peel (one of the most bitter natural substances in the world). It becomes artificial after undergoing a process called reverse osmosis, through which the water molecules find themselves at the end of the chain, making what was previously extremely bitter become extremely sweet! It has been used successfully for decades in the animal feed sector to counteract the bitter aftertaste and at the same time give a very creamy flavor to the products. It amplifies the aromas and enhances them. The negative characteristics are dampened and the positive ones are improved, it almost seems like magic! I have been using it since 2001 and of course include it in most of our IB Carptrack Mixes. You might rightly ask: why not in all? Variety and memory recall play a fundamental role in this choice. The product range is designed to have a bit of everything, variety. The fish we look for have often been caught more than once and we are now certain that they are able to learn and retain flavors in their memory. This is why there is no single product that consistently captures. Variety and continuous improvements are a fundamental requirement to maintain high capture possibilities. NHDC initially seems extremely sweet on the tip of the tongue, but in the seconds and minutes that follow it takes on an increasingly creamy, almost menthol-like aftertaste. You will especially notice this by opening your mouth a little and sucking in the air forcefully. The flavor is very long lasting, coffee drinkers using it will be able to enjoy a sweet coffee for the rest of the day without using sugar.

The flavor is so unique that you will always be able to recognize the authenticity of the product. There are many impostors on the market and I tell you that NHDC is often supplied to the manufacturer in powder form and only made soluble through some tricks. But once you have tried the original it will be very simple to understand which ones are fake. The NHDC has been used since the 90s by successful carp anglers such as Leon Hoogendijk and from time to time he puts it to the test with ever new confirmations. When will you try it too?