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Load image into Gallery viewer, CARP SOUNDER AGE ONE DIGITAL SET 3+1
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Carpsounder "Radio AGEone set 3 + 1"

Set of digital horns consisting of two CS AGEone Bite Alarm + CS receiver + protective case.

The AGEone 3 + 1 radio set is the complete horn system for quality-conscious fishermen.

The radio connection of the AGEone Bite Alarm to the CS receiver and the system settings are completely automatic by simply accessing the power-on functions.

The charm of a very reliable bite indicator: quality, robustness and reliability like no other alarm in this price range!

AGEone - the latest development from Carpsounder in a compact design.

All setting options have undergone development and the most important functions for carp anglers have been further improved. The result is a compact, digital alarm with exceptional bite detection properties and ease of use. However, the absolute pinnacle of the AGEone in this price range is the extreme reliability and longevity, which is unmatched in this market segment. In connection with some main functions such as LED color setting, drop detection, sensitivity setting, oscillation suppression, etc. A horn, built to last with the highest quality of the individual components and with the most important functions. The new Carpsounder AGE radio system will satisfy even the most demanding carp angler with its elegant design, its robustness and its reliable radio technology in connection with the new compact receiver.

The AGEone acoustic warning device with its easily understandable and adjustable functions is suitable for all types of water.

Are you looking for a Bite Alarm with simple operation, all important functions, extreme reliability and an excellent quality-price ratio? Then you have found it now and can concentrate on carp fishing. Carpsounder "AGEone" built for carp fishing!

· Integrated radio transmitter with 400m range

· Detection of descent with differentiated sound

· Sensitivity in 5 levels

· Volume in 9 levels

· Mute function

· Tone in 9 levels

· 7 LED colors

· LEDs can be turned off, "Stealth" function

· Switchable night light

· Battery level indicator

· Reset to factory settings

· 100% waterproof

· Batteries included

· 3 year manufacturer's warranty

· Lifetime support

CS receiver

Digital Radio Receiver

The new CS Digital receiver is an accurate and compact radio receiver for the specialist angler

The new elegant design makes the CS receiver very useful. The robust construction and glass fiber reinforced housing reliably protect the high-tech electronics.

The AGEone transmissions are digitally displayed on the CS receiver and you are therefore precisely informed about the exact progress of the bite. You can immediately recognize by the sound, the respective LED and the LED color which rod is in action. Even extremely loud sound can wake up any deeply sleeping fisherman. The possibility of silencing the receiver allows you to detect meals in an absolutely silent way via the LED and the vibration alarm.

· CS 4 LED Digital Receiver

· Compatible with: AGE one & Campsecure

· LED color acceptance

· Pickup Pitch

· Signal on and off of the horn via LED and sound

· Volume adjustable in 9 levels

· Mute function

· Battery status display via LED

· Low battery warning during operation

· Optimized for the use of lithium batteries

· Settings storage function

· Easy battery replacement

· Switchable vibration mode

· Detection of bite during descent

· Radio coding via pairing

· 100% waterproof case

· Integrated stand on the housing

· Batteries included