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Designed in the early 1990s by Frank Warwick and developed exclusively by us at Carp'R'Us, many believe, after extensive testing and countless carp specialists praising its extraordinary qualities, that this hook is the deadliest in the panorama of Carp fishing. This hook produces an amazing and solid hook even when fishing at long distances without producing any damage in the mouth. The position of the hair rig is better outside the bend of the hook and the optimal use is achieved by using the Bead & Ring Kit together with the Mouthsnagger Shorty. The cranked section (Cranked) develops the fastest possible rotation of the hook and reduces tension on the tip, drastically reducing the possibility of expulsion. Definitely one of the best anti-ejection hooks ever made!

ATS technology

After intense fishing tests we believe that the new line of hooks with ATS technology is the best available on the market. Manufactured by arguably the most respected Japanese manufacturer, these hooks undergo a very severe tempering process to ensure strength and long-lasting sharpness. A new anti-reflection coating, which is not Teflon, ensures long-lasting corrosion resistance. Taken together, these characteristics summarize everything you are looking for in a hook.
Pack of 10 pieces.