Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR
Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR
Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR
Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR
Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR
Load image into Gallery viewer, IBOAT PREMIUM PLANK FLOOR

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New 1:
The premium slatted floor for iBoats is completely covered with thick dinghy material, so that there are no more dangerous and extremely impassable gaps where you could injure yourself or through which, almost without exception, all the dirt under the floor enters the keel etc. reached up. Day or night, simply step aboard like a bottomless boat.

New 2:
It has at least one more panel to lower the keel correctly and give the boat even more stability.
More details on batten and keel:
A slatted floor has never been used without problems in combination with an inflatable V-keel, which is extremely important for the good handling characteristics of the boats. Now, for the first time in the history of inflatable boats, it is possible to use a slatted floor in combination with inflatable V-keels. The premium slatted floor has been adapted to our latest iBoats. The panels are automatically locked when the tubes are inflated, allowing them to resist the upward pressure of the keel.
iBoat 160 slatted floor: L 128 cm, W 51.5 cm
iBoat 210 slatted floor: L 144 cm, D 83 cm
iBoat 260 slatted floor: L 187 cm, D 96 cm
iBoat 320 slatted floor: L 246 cm, D 96 cm
iBoat 160 slatted floor: 4 kg
iBoat 210 slatted floor: 6.7 kg
iBoat 260 slatted floor: 12 kg
iBoat 320 slatted floor: 14.9 kg
Slatted floor or high pressure air?
With our iBoats 260 and 320 we still rely on high-pressure air floors in the initial supply. The quick installation and enormous weight saving compared to aluminum or wooden floors as well as the high stability are ideal for our carp fishing needs. Meanwhile, almost no one doubts high-pressure air floors: more than 10 years was also a sufficiently long introductory phase
Air steals space: it's probably the altitude!
However, the high-pressure air floor also takes up a lot of space, namely in height! So when it comes to loading iBoats at maximum height, the new "slats" have a clear advantage. Here there are differences of up to 10 cm on the length of a 3.20 m long iBoat a noticeable increase in volume of a good 200 liters! The comfort of the seating position is also significantly improved.

The sizes 160 and 210 will be supplied directly with the premium slatted floor of the upcoming Generation 5. The high-pressure air floor is therefore optionally available as an accessory.
The main advantage of slatted floors is the height gained inside and the strong increase in volume - a great advantage, especially for small boats!
Furthermore, the somewhat stiffer version of the high-pressure air floor is not necessary on the 160 and 210 models, since large motors and hoists are not used here. You don't even go to the supermarket with suitcases... so adapt everything to your needs and then, you know, it's the best way!
And here it comes!
Air and slatted floor height difference using the iBoat 260 as an example at the rudder support level!
Height between the bottom edge of the seat and
– High pressure air floor: 27.5 cm
– Premium slatted floor: 35.5 cm
Tip for all XXL moves to have even more space on the boat!
In connection with the premium slatted floor, it simply lets the air escape from the keel during movement -

you will be amazed!